Prepaid Meter Service

Prepaid Metering for Guyana

GPL has introduced the prepaid metering system for domestic and small businesses.  Sections of Georgetown and Berbice were chosen conduct a pilot of the prepaid meter system namely; Bourda market, Newtown Kitty, sections of Festival City and North Ruimveldt and Black Bush Polder.  These areas were chosen because they are representative of the wider society.

GPL has introduced two (2) types of meters, the Cashpower Power Rail Split Meter and the Jade Split Meter.  These meters come in two parts, the actual meter and an interface unit, commonly referred to as the Customer Interface Unit (CIU).  

The customer interface unit (CIU) is a 12- key keypad with audible feedback that allows for the entry of tokens and the accessing of various management functions.  It also has a custom liquid crystal display which shows the remaining credit among other features.  Each customer will be provided a pamphlet outlining the available features and how to access them. 

The CIU is mainly a remote extension of the meter, and communication between the two units takes place in real time.  It can be set to information mode by the entry of a 3 digit code by the customer.  In this mode, electricity consumption over the current or past 30 days or 24 hours can be displayed. These along with the display of instantaneous power consumption can aid the consumer in prudent management of electrical energy.

The CIU provides both visible and audible alarms to indicate that the credit level is at or below preset "low level" limits.

The CIU does not measure power consumption and damage to the unit and/or communication cable will in no way interfere with the provision of electricity to the consumer or the related decrease in available credit.  However, such damage will prevent consumers from entering a new voucher into the meter when the available credit expires.  To avoid the inconvenience, consumers are encouraged to take care of the CIU and the communication cable.

 Customer Option

Prepaid meter is great for energy conservation, if you find that you are using too much energy, you can respond immediately by turning off appliances within your home.

You will never believe you can save so much in electricity until you start monitoring your own use.

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